Why underwear or see-through pieces of clothing is becoming more and more visible in Coachella 2023

Coachella 2022
Why underwear or see-through pieces of clothing is becoming more and more visible in Coachella 2023 2

Coachella is back for 2023 after a two-year hiatus, putting music’s biggest acts center stage — along with a hefty helping of festival fashion.

We’ve noticed that more and more girls are wearing underwear, pajamas or see-through clothes to the Coachella scene, and it is becoming more and more visible.not sure exactly what sparked this trend. But where else could you reasonably wear this look other than Coachella (and the holidays)?

We’ve rounded up the best festival outfit ideas inspired by ensembles worn by looks for that 250-acre fashion runway that is Coachella 2023

VanessaHudgens is returning to her throne as the queen of #Coachella. She embraces the sheer trend, wearing her deep purple cutout swimsuit with a sheer mini dress layered over top.

Hannah G wore the prettiest floral vintage bodysuit and a silver waist chain with a miniskirt for her girly Coachella Fit.

The self-proclaimed metaverse queen arrived to Coachella in a full-out futuristic getup, with a neon green and sheer skirt to be too dazzling.

The black transparent suit is also very bright.

Niki Demar wore a silver sparkly bikini top and a metallic pink mini skirt.

This eye-catching metal chain tassel necklace paired with a gray robe and tight skirt is definitely the freest soul


Shiny Corset with Sheer Robe

This pearl underwear looks very chic.

White and blue sky are the most classic colors.

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People need an occasion or an outlet to release themselves from being bound. Music is a free spirit, and it is just such an occasion where you can free yourself to express yourself. The reason why people dress this way is essentially to look (and feel) as freely as possible.

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